Thursday, June 20, 2013

Checking status of nodes for Torque

pbsnodes is a very useful command to check status of nodes. One of my favourite usage is check list the status of the nodes

# pbsnodes -l free
node-c00        free
node-c01        free
Other option includes "active", "all", "busy", "down", "free", "offline", "unknown", and "up"

# pbsnodes -a
     state = free
     np = 8
     properties = pulasan
     ntype = cluster
     jobs = 0/31516.starfruit-h00
     status = rectime=1371836955,varattr=,jobs=31516.node-c00,state=free,
sessions=18708,uname=Linux 2.6.18-164.el5 
#1 SMP Thu Sep 3 03:28:30 EDT 2009 x86_64,opsys=linux
All attributes of a node or all nodes are listed. This is the default if no flag is given

Clear OFFLINE from listed nodes
# pbsnodes -c node-c00

Add the OFFLINE state
# pbsnodes -o node-c00

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