Saturday, June 15, 2013

Enabling SRIOV in BIOS for IBM Servers and Blade Servers

Step 1: Power on the system, and press F1 to enter the Setup utility.

Step 2: Select System Settings and then Network.

Step 3: Under the Network Device List, select the device to be configured and press Enter to see all the Network Device options (Figure 1).

Step 4: Select the device’s description and press Enter to configure the device (Figure 2)

Step 5: From the selection menu, select Advanced Mode and press Enter to change the value (Figure 3).

Step 6: Choose Enable and press Enter.

Step 7: On the same selection menu, select Controller Configuration and press Enter to enter the configuration menu.

Step 8: Select Configure SRIOV and hit Enter.

Step 9: On the Configure SRIOV page, press Enter to toggle the values

Step 10: Select Enable and press Enter

Step 11: Select Save Current Configurations and press Enter.

Step 12: Press Esc to exit the menu. Then, click Save to save the configuration.

Step 13: Reboot the system.

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