Thursday, June 13, 2013

Platform LSF – Monitoring jobs and tasks

I thought I list out some useful commands that can be used for for viewing a cluster using an LSF Cluster. Please read the manual for more in-depth information. Taken from Platform LSF 8.3 Quick References.
Monitoring jobs and tasks
bacct Reports accounting statistics on completed LSF jobs
bapp Displays information about jobs attached to application profiles
bhist Displays historical information about jobs
bjobs Displays information about jobs
bpeek Displays stdout and stderr of unfinished jobs
bsla Displays information about service class configuration for goal-oriented service-level agreement (SLA) scheduling
bstatus Reads or sets external job status messages and data files

Other References:
  1. Platform LSF – Monitoring jobs and tasks
  2. Platform LSF – Administration and Accounting Commands
  3. Platform LSF - View information about cluster
  4. Platform LSF - Submitting and Controlling jobs 

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