I thought I list out some useful commands that can be used for for viewing a cluster using an LSF Cluster. Please read the manual for more in-depth information. Taken from Platform LSF 8.3 Quick References.

Submitting and Controlling jobs
bbot Moves a pending job relative to the last job in the queue
bchkpnt Checkpoints a checkpointable job
bkill Send a signal to a job
bmig Migrates a checkpointable or rerunnable job
bmod Modifies job submission options
brequeue Kills and requeues a job
bresize Releases slots and cancels pending job resize allocation requests
brestart Restarts a checkpointed job
bresume Resumes a suspended job
bstop Suspends a job
bsub Submits a job
bswitch Moves unfinished jobs from one queue to another
btop Moves a pending job relative to the first job in the queue